Yorkshire Challenge – Club Dress Code

Each club is looking forward to welcoming you to the first day of the Yorkshire Challenge.  Please can each competitor respect the clubs dress code at all times.  Please see additional information below.

Dress Code Ganton

Dress on the Course

Metal or soft spikes are allowed. Conventional golf wear is required. Gentlemen may wear tailored shorts with knee length single colour socks.  Denim jeans, collarless shirts and training shoes are not permitted on the course or in the Clubhouse.

Dress in the Clubhouse

Smart casual wear is allowed in all rooms with the exception of the Vardon Room where Jacket and ties must be worn at all times and in the Dining Room after 10.30am.

Shorts are not acceptable in the Clubhouse.

Unacceptable Dress

The following are deemed unacceptable in the Clubhouse or on the Course:

  • Stockinged or bare feet.
  • Trainers, tennis shoes or flip flops.
  • Football / Rugby shirts, shorts and tracksuits.
  • Tee shirts or shirts without collars other than recognised golfing styles Denim jeans Cargo pants, combat trousers and trousers with patch pockets or drawstring waist or legs.
  • Shirts when worn outside trousers.
  • Hats worn back to front.

Dress Code Moortown

On the Course and in the Clubhouse

The following rules are intended to guide Members and visitors. Club staff and Course Marshals are authorised to approach Members and visitors if the dress regulations are not being adhered to. A reasonable standard of dress is required at all times.

The following types of attire are not permitted:

  • Training shoes
  • Track, shell or jump suits, leggings or football/rugby shirts (or similar)
  • Jeans or cargo pants with patch pockets and/or studs but tailored trousers with patch pockets are permissible
  • Sports, cargo or beach shorts
  • Collarless or sleeveless T-shirts.
  • Trouser bottoms are not to be tucked into socks.
  • Plus-two or Plus-four style of trousers, with long stockings, are acceptable.
  • Tailored shorts with ankle socks which should be predominately white are permissible on the course, in the Mackenzie and Mixed Lounge (but not in the Dining Room).
  • Shirts must be tucked inside the waistband.
  • If caps are worn on the course, the peak must be to the front.
  • When playing the course, golf shoes must be worn.

In the Clubhouse

Caps (& hats) must be removed. Outdoor clothing, golfing outerwear (waterproofs & windproofs) and golf shoes must not be worn in the Clubhouse, apart from in the locker rooms. Wet and/or soiled clothing may not be worn in the Lounge, Dining Room or Bar areas.

Dining Room

Smart relaxed dress is permissible until 3.00 pm on weekdays. At all other times Gentlemen must wear a Jacket with collar and tie or cravats (except boys under 15) and Ladies should be attired in a manner commensurate with that of the Gentlemen.

Mixed Lounge

Smart relaxed dress is permissible in these rooms at all times during the summer except on Saturdays from 7pm. At other times or when attending official meetings, AGMs, EGMs or prize presentations Gentlemen must wear a jacket, collar and tie and Ladies should be attired in a manner commensurate with that of the Gentlemen.

The Mackenzie Room and Billards Room

Smart casual dress is permissible in these rooms at all times. Golf shoes are permitted in the Mackenzie Room but only for the purpose of purchasing refreshments from the 18th terrace.

Mobile Phones

Please note mobile phones may not be used on the course or in the clubhouse and must remain switched off at all times. Mobile Phones may be used in the Car Park only.


Dress Code Lindrick

Dress Code in the Clubhouse

Bar & Ryder Cup Room

(For informal food and drink) Normal golfing attire.

Dining Room

Jacket and tie.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and Tablets should be switched off, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

On the Course

Not Permitted

Denim jeans, training shoes, and collarless shirts are not permitted.

Although knee socks worn with tailored shorts are preferred, members and visitors may also have the option of wearing predominantly white ankle length socks.

Practice Areas

Extensive practice facilities, one with covered bays are available. There is in addition an all weather artificial turf practice area. Baskets of balls are available from the Pro Shop.

Course Etiquette

It is expected that that the etiquette of golf relative to the care of the Course (for example the replacement of divots and repair of pitch marks) and to the speed and priority of play should be adhered to at all times.


Trolleys must not be taken on to teeing areas or between;greenside bunkers and the green.


A limited number of buggies are available for hire. These must be booked in advance via the Professionals Shop.

Private vehicles

Private vehicles are left in the club car park at the owners own risk.

Personal belongings

Visitors are reminded that the Club will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.


Kind Regards


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Tournament Administrator



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